Wireco Wire Cables and Assemblies

Oil, Gas, & Mining’s Industrial Wire Manufacturer for Over 100 Years

For over 100 years, Wireco has been trusted as the superior wire cable, rope, and assembly supplier for heavy industrial usage. They have been serving all major commercial enterprises since before WWI. As a dedicated supplier for the mining, gas, and oil industries, they have consistently produced the most durable wire lifting ropes for mining, as well as hoist, ancillary, drag lines, and many other types of structurally superior lines for all of your applications.

Electromechanical and Geophysical Cable, Drilling Lines, and Mooring Ropes

When exploring and mining for resources in some of the world’s most hostile terrain, your equipment must be tough or your investment will fail. Wireco proudly manufactures innovative, directly engineered solutions to maximize production. Available cables include drilling lines, mooring ropes, geophysical cables, electromechanical cables, sand lines, fiber ropes with thermoplastic, steel wire ropes, large diameter, flat strand, and many other hard-to-find cables for heavy industrial, construction, oil and gas, and other high-intensity applications.

Heavy Lifting Cables, Assemblies, and Winches

Critical operations demand that your equipment exceeds the intense demands of the job. As costs increase, even small advantages begin to pay off. When you select winch lines, slings, rigging, and other heavy lifting cables from Wireco, the differences add up quickly. Rope life, performance, and durability of Wireco’s products are amongst the best in the world –and that is why CS1 is proud to offer these exceptional wire and synthetic ropes, assemblies, cables, and more for all of your heavy lifting needs.

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