Hardox Tough Abrasion Resistant Structural Steel

Steel Wear Plate, Round Bar, and HiTemp Handles Like Normal Steel

Hardox wear plate steel is world-famous as THE tough steel of choice for aggressive environments. Hardox┬« wear plate sets the global standard for reliable, abrasion-resistant steel. As a result of its exclusive qualities, it can serve as a load-bearing component in a wide variety of applications. Hardox’ dedicated approach to producing the hardest and toughest steel expands your options for structural design and innovation.

Regardless of the intensity of your wear challenges, Hardox wear plate brings better resistance, a higher payload, and longer service life to your industrial application. Hardox keeps their customers’ equipment and businesses up and running by providing quality products, reliability and performance. A range of weldable products that can be cut just like normal steel are available, including round bar, HiTemp (up to 930┬░ F), and Hardox Extreme (up to 700 HBW hardness).

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