Rex Cut Abrasives: Cut, Smooth, and Finish Metal With Ease

Cutting, Deburring, Grinding, and Finishing Wheels

Rex-Cut Abrasives provides the metalworking industry with a variety of high performance premium abrasive, cutting, and finishing products to de-bur, polish, apply finishes, and finalize all types of metal products prior to shipment. They offer innovative, time-saving solutions for their worldwide customer network. Since 1928, they have been manufacturing a non-woven cotton fabric, uniquely impregnated with abrasive grit. The unique manufacturing process, originally invented by founder Edward Hurst, has been refined over time. The specialized cotton fiber abrasive lineup continues to comprise the base of their products, as they can be used to conveniently de-bur and finish in one step. A variety of wheel types are available, including:

  • Laser Braze Finishing
  • De-Burring
  • High Speed
  • Pipe Thread
  • Smooth Touch (Blending & Finishing)
  • Cotton Fiber (Abrasive)

Mounted Points for Deburring, Cleaning, and Finishing

Non-woven nylon mounted points impregnated with resin, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide are ideal for re-applying satin finishes, blending minor imperfections, de-burring and polishing many types of metal parts. Synthetic rubber points with aluminum oxide grains are ideal for removing sharp edges from sheet metal, removing microscopic burrs, cleaning surfaces, polishing, and smoothing. Mounted points are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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