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CS1 offers a wide range of oil and gas mining and production supplies. From upstream to downstream, our high-quality supplies help your operation run as smoothly as possible. Customer service is our first priority. We also place a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency to help give your operation an edge and help your business reap the most benefits from your oil and gas fields. Since 2012, we have been helping our customers save on many types of job site essentials, including:

Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Supplier

CS1 is the leading volume supplier of exceptional absorbent products, rolls, pads, sweeps, booms, spill, kits, granulars. abrasives, thread compounds, safety supplies, wire brushes, sprayers, pipe dope, and well over one thousand additional items for our oil and gas industry customers. All of our manufacturers are trusted suppliers with longstanding reputations for excellence. Rest assured that when you order from CS1, you will be satisfied. Our prices are competitive because we buy in bulk and pass the savings along to you. We maintain high stock levels and are able to get what you need quickly. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us at: (304) 366-3791.

Maximize Productivity With CS1’s Services for Your Oil & Gas Operation

In addition to our fine quality supplies and materials, we also offer several unique services to help maximize the productivity of your oil and gas operation. From custom metal fabrication and consignment to prompt product delivery and scheduled on-site product demonstrations, our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most from your business relationship with CS1. As always, we put customer service first.

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