Custom Metal Fabrication by CS1

CS1 is a leader in the field of metal fabrication. Our team custom builds a variety of metal structures based on precision measurements at our shop for an exact fit. Send us your template or we will come directly to your site to prepare a custom template for your item. After we have your measurements, we will fabricate your part at our state-of-the-art facility in Morgantown. Complete installation and assembly services are available, as well. Our products and services are competitively priced and meet the highest industrial standards.

Quality Solid Metal Bucket, Dozer, and Truck Bed Liners

At CS1, our workmanship and customer service exceed our customers’ expectations on every job. No matter what type of work your equipment is used for, our custom abrasion-resistant liners provide an additional layer of durability to protect the functionality and appearance of your vehicles and heavy-duty equipment for maximum cost-effectiveness. We offer a variety of high-quality custom metal design and fabrication services, including:

Solid Metal Bed Liners

Unlike spray-on bed liners that will eventually chip or flake off, our metal truck bed liners are made of solid steel and designed to withstand tough usage. We can fabricate part of, or an entire protective bed liner to help guard against damage. Liners can be fabricated for all makes and models of trucks, trailers, and other hauling equipment.

Dozer Blade Liners & Skins

CS1 offers custom dozer blade liner/skin fabrication for all types of blades. Whether you would like to resurface, reinforce, or protect your equipment, we can help. Our blade liners significantly improve the usable life of your blades, as well as your fuel efficiency due to less drag and a cleaner release. We offer Hardox liners, stainless steel liners, and can custom cut a liner to fit any model according to your specifications. Just ask us!

Steel Bucket Liners

Protect your bucket with a custom-cut, made-to-order liner from CS1. Unlike drop-in liners, our fabricated liners fit your bucket like a glove to minimize damage from daily wear and tear. We will custom build a tough, durable steel bucket liner specifically designed to handle your specifications, whether your business is mining, the oil and gas industry, or any other field with heavy-duty equipment requirements.

At CS1, we understand that your equipment is under constant impact from sand, rocks, coal, and other abrasives. Our liners are specifically constructed to provide abrasion resistance and protection from the constant assault of these materials on your equipment investment. Contact CS1 for a custom built solution: (304) 366-3791.

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