Consignment Inventory by CS1

Convenient, Secure On-Site Storage of High Demand Products

Consignment Inventory is offered as a valuable service for CS1’s valued customers. We are pleased to offer the convenience of on-site storage for eligible clients. We will stock your most frequently purchased products in a secure designated location within your business premises. The stocked products remain as inventory belonging to CS1 until they are withdrawn from the consignment location. This system enables our customers to save time and money while significantly minimizing losses tied to uncertain sales revenue, as our customers are only billed for the inventory stored as consignment when they are taken out for use. Consignment inventory provides immediate availability to products in high demand, as well as those that are critical to your business needs.

Instant Inventory Access On Location Without Expedited Shipping Costs

CS1 currently offers and maintains our Consignment Inventory Services to many types of businesses. With our highly experienced team and longstanding relationships with our suppliers, CS1 Industrial Supply is able to ensure efficient and timely stocking of required customer inventory levels throughout the month, and as needed (as evidenced by demand). Therefore, we are able to help avoid potential lag times due to issues involving delivery disruption while eliminating costs for expedited shipping service and providing instant access to a wide range of products right at your business location.

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The success that our company has achieved over the years has been the result of the commitment of our people, as well as the value that we place on customer service. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way -and it shows. We pass along our savings and are constantly looking for reliable, innovative ways to improve the cost-effectiveness for our business partners. At CS1, we know how much is on the line and we sincerely enjoy assisting our customers with meeting their productivity and sales goals. Contact CS1 and let us know if you are interested in signing up for our Consignment Inventory Service and what we can do for your business today: (304) 366-3791.

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